In addition to maintaining an active performing career, Jennifer is also a sought after voice teacher and performance coach. Her innovative approach draws on her extensive training in vocal technique, acting, and body work as well as her wide-ranging performing experience. She currently serves on the faculty of the Weston Music Center in Connecticut and teaches private lessons in her New York, Boston, and Connecticut studios where she works with students ranging from seasoned professionals to people just exploring their instruments for the first time. She has been invited to teach master classes in universities and music festivals throughout the US. To request Ms. Foster as a guest lecturer or master teacher, or for more information about Soul Songs Workshops, please contact: inforequest@jennifer-foster.com


“During the course of the voice lessons I have had with Jennie, a transformation is taking place which enhances several aspects of my life.”

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~ Students’ Comments ~

Working with Jennie Foster has been very inspiring and motivating. She is so much more than a voice instructor. Jennie quickly senses where her student is in their artistic evolution and gracefully meets them at just the place that will be most helpful. She has a great balance of gentleness and authority in her teaching. I have several times been amazed by the accuracy and usefulness of her artistic insights. Jennie’s familiarity with battles all artists have to fight makes her strong and deeply helpful in moving her students to the next, very substantial level.

A.C.—Jamaica Plains, MA

Jennie has an ability to listen to each unique voice and bring out the best in you. For me, the emphasis on a spoken supported sound has been particularly helpful. It has enabled me to cut through layers of what I call an “artificial voice” and find the courage to get right to the core of a pure, true sound.

Her studio is sincere, encouraging, playful, disciplined, nurturing and professional. I continue to grow through her instruction.

D.K.—Roxbury, MA

During the course of the voice lessons I have had with Jennie, a tansformation is taking place which enhances several aspects of my life. She is teaching me to sing with greater confidence, better tonal quality, expanded range and breath control. As well, my ability to speak in public is improving substantially.

Jennie tailors each lesson to each student, making sure that the concepts being taught are understood. Her manner is professional and gracious. I look forward to each lesson in anticipation of moving forward in my vocal ability!

A.C.—Wellesley, MA

[My daughter] loved her lesson, and said it was the best she’s ever had! You are not only an excellent singer, but an amazing teacher.

E.C.—Fairfield, CT

Holding the vocal cords together ALL the time has been my big challenge but that simple idea you presented was AMAZINGLY helpful. In fact, that may be to date, the most important bit of information I’ve ever gotten from a teacher/friend!

T.L.—Los Angeles, CA

Every voice lesson I had with Jennie I left inspired and uplifted. She helped me face my fears and sing right through them.

Jennie has a warmth and joy that instantly welcomes you and puts you at ease. She took what I gave her and worked with me in a way that I felt challenged and held at the same time. What a gift!

She was incredibly patient with me as I would run into the same fears in each session. And, yet we kept working through them as she helped me find my authentic voice. It was such an honor to study under her and receive this level of professional coaching. The only reason I stopped taking lessons from her is because we moved 1000 miles away.

S.W.—St. Louis, MO

What impresses me most about Jennie is her deeply intuitive and unfailingly positive approach. She listens carefully to hear exactly what the student needs and then finds a way to remove obstacles to progress. She never tears down, but instead guides the student into a more productive approach. She is an incredibly patient teacher who cares about her students. And they feel it! She is able to grasp the student’s potential and work patiently to see it fully revealed.

Not only is Jennie an outstanding teacher of vocal technique, she is also a wonderfully inspiring vocal performance and presentation coach. She thinks outside the box and isn’t afraid to shake things up to help the singer understand how to embody and convey the message of a song.

After studying with Jennie for about a year, I had developed enough skill and confidence to join an auditioned chorale and also to begin singing solos in church. Working with her has been one of the most inspiring and satisfying experiences of my life. I would recommend her, without hesitation, to anyone of any skill level, looking to improve their vocal performance and have fun doing it!

J.A.—Framingham, MA


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~ Master Class Participant Feedback ~

I consider myself a non-singer, and trepidatiously chose to study with Jennie at a 5 day intensive. I can’t begin to tell you how grateful I am for the experience. She met me right where I was, I felt enveloped in possibility. It was as though there was a whole opening in my chest that has fostered such forward movement/progress in all areas of my life after returning home. I humbly cherish the experience, and would wish it for anyone, of any ability. I have found you to be an inspiring, knowledgeable, thoughtful, intuitive teacher, and such a wonderful singer.

S.M.—Farmington, ME

When I began working with Jennie Foster, I’d had almost no formal vocal instruction and hadn’t done any organized singing in many years. I jumped in to one of her “Soul Songs” workshops, thinking it would be fun. I’d heard from others that she was an exceptional teacher and wasn’t disappointed. In fact, I was hooked and began regularly studying voice with her.

J.A.—Framingham, MA

I found your teaching to be so creative, designed to free the student from mental and physical limitations. I loved how you addressed the challenges of each student so uniquely. You provided methods that released the energy and self-imposed restrictions to reveal what actually comes most naturally.

S.P.—Empire, MI

I wanted to take a moment to thank you and express how deeply I appreciated the opportunity to attend your Master Class yesterday morning. I’ve been reviewing my notes, distilling the information you shared and letting it settle deeper into my consciousness as I absorb it into myself and I’m finding that the way you express what you teach resonates very deeply with me.

The manner and style with which you explain fundamentals brought a new impact and a deeper understanding.

C.K.—Rochester, NY

I have loved being part of workshops at camp and brought home so many helpful ideas. Not only do I have concrete ideas about how to use my vocal instrument, but I also have great tips on how to be aware of and kind to the body as a tool. It’s clear that you believe and embody what you teach. All of this has been helpful in everything I do.

I love the sessions in the workshops where individuals perform and then transform as they take in the ideas you share and begin to understand them. Maybe the most exciting thing was to see the great progress made by the several individuals who came thinking they could not carry a tune and left having shown a glimpse of amazing voices.

S.L.—Brooklyn, NY

Jennie is a tremendous singing coach and instructor. She clearly demonstrates knowledge of the voice instrument and how to get the most from it. This is done not just by helpful exercises and “technique”, but by thoughtfully listening for the right idea to share, and seeing the best in her students. Everyone in our class saw marked improvement …from the most timid beginner to the more seasoned singer. And her teaching was done with joyous enthusiasm, inspired vision, and trust and respect for her students. Best of all, it was a FUN experience! Jennie is definitely one of the best instructors I have ever had, in ANY subject!

L.M.—Sanibel Island, FL

Working with Jennie is like butter!

She made me feel safe and comfortable after I told her that I was told at twelve years old that I was tone deaf and didn’t feel comfortable singing out after that. Wanting to face my fears, I enrolled in a 5 day workshop with Jennie. I also did not know how to read a note.

Jennie discerned our needs and fears and customized our time with her accordingly. As Jennie taught you could see the progress with another student at each turn.

Since that time I have attended workshops with Jennie and have been able to sing freely. I am not afraid, have found my voice and can breathe. Thus, you can imagine my GRATITUDE to Jennie for her clear expertise, professional experience and willingness to share her talent to help others heal whatever they feel is hard.

S.P.—St. Louis, MO


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