Artist’s Statement

I am a singer, voice teacher, actor, student, mother, wife, friend. I also hope that I am a healer. Performing is one of my favorite things to do. I’ve gotten to sing with great orchestras and opera companies, at amazing music festivals and celebrations, in choirs, theatres, churches, temples, community gatherings and homes. When things are working right, I feel lots of love flowing from, through and towards me and a powerful presence. My practice is the ongoing attempt to prepare myself to let things work right.

I believe (and have experienced) that wonderful things happen in the space found between a conscientiously honed technique and an open-hearted desire to communicate individual and universal truths clearly and effectively. I love divine Principle—the pursuit of understanding it more deeply, exploring the infinite ways to apply it, and watching the amazing results of being aligned with it.

For as long as I can remember, I have been interested in finding ways to remove the artificial from my art. My ongoing preoccupation is to become in the words of reformer Mary Baker Eddy, “a better transparency for Truth” (​Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures). I am inspired by artists who speak their truth and make room for others to do the same. I am drawn to music, writings and art from multiple stylistic periods and cultures, and I continue to pursue the versatility to perform works from a variety of genres. I try to be a good listener, to participate in a deep and ultimately joyful multiculturalism, and to help nurture and promote interfaith and inter-community dialogue. I love to laugh, to hear others laugh and to imagine the universe laughing as one big chorus of joy.

I’ve been teaching voice almost as long as I’ve been studying it. The sacred partnership between student and teacher is something I never take for granted. I try to live up to the challenge of demonstrating what I teach.